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About Us

BUI is an award-winning Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner for the Microsoft Cloud, and a certified member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association with expertise across the Microsoft suite.

We have 20+ years of success in the technology industry and our highly trained security professionals are experts in detection, investigation, response, and remediation.

Response +

BUI’s blue team will assist with incident response, which includes investigating your security incident, containing the damage, and restoring normal operations.

Think You’ve Been Hacked? Do This

Let us help you with your Ransomware, Breach or Cyber Incident, if you have been hacked, we can assist you with focused incident response, with simple “Hacked Consulting”.

The sad truth is that even the best security plan in the world doesn’t guarantee immunity.

Here is a really handy five-step process:

We can help you deal with a cyber incident by providing the support you need to limit the damage, document the digital forensic evidence, return your IT environment to a secure state, and strengthen your defences to minimize your attack surface going forward.

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